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Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Meeting

Thu.  Apr 6, 2023 - Cornwall Room Cornwall Public Library

Present: Patty Brisson Joan Gaudreau Debbie Ledoux Carole Libbey Don Smith Ryan Martelle

Absent: Ryan MacKay

City Councilor: Fred Ngoundjo

City of Cornwall: Shrija Vora Development Planner (Absent)

1) Call to order – 6:30 pm

2) Approval of Agenda

Acceptance of Minutes of March 2/2023 moved by J. Gaudreau seconded by P. Brisson

3) Correspondence and Inquiries – Nil

4) Treasurer’s Report - reported an outstanding balance of $18,801 as of April 2nd. Acceptance moved by C. Libbey seconded by J. Gaudreau

5) Business Arising

a) Historic Square Mile Signage- update -D.Ledoux

Currently being reviewed by City

b) Locomotive #17 Tribunal Update - C. Libbey

Preparing documents for May 24th Meeting

c) Heritage Awards

Will arrange to present 2022 awards in the last week of May

Committee asked for suggestions for 2023 awards

For future awards, it was decided to use approved house plaques along with a

Certificate. Moved by J. Gaudreau seconded by D. Smith

d) CHO Conference June15-17 London, ON

Program is up and Registration is open

e) Archaeological Study – R. Martelle reported on virtual presentation

6) New Business

a) PAC meeting at City to discuss zoning April 17- S. Vora

Heritage Cornwall are invited to attend and comment if applicable

7) Volunteer Schedule for Cornwall Room circulated

8) Next Meeting- May 4th 6:30 pm Cornwall Room

9) Adjournment – 7:35 pm