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Municipal Heritage Committee, Cornwall Ontario

Chesley's Inn 40 First St. West

Thought to have been built in the 1820's new information has shown that the building existed in 1814. Operated by the prominent Chesley family as a pioneer inn, this structure has served as a central meeting place for the community and a welcome resting place for weary travellers. The Inn was converted to a private residence in the 1850's.

This two-and-a-half storey building with its substantial rear wing is an outstanding example of the Georgian style of architecture with its balanced fa├žade, centre hall plan and casement windows and dressed stone lintels.

The fine entrance door is, according to local information, a remnant from "Ivy Hall", the residence of Ontario's first premier, John Sandfield Macdonald. This house is one of Cornwall's oldest standing buildings and serves as an attractive reminder of the city's early history.

The property has recently been purchased and renovated by owner Robert Prowse and is now, once again, operated as an Inn and B&B- Chesley's Inn